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Richmond Hill Landscape DesignInterloc Installation Project by Pro-Loc Interlocking & Landscape Design Ltd.


Here at Pro-Loc Interlocking & Landscape Design, we have been providing “Richmond Hill Landscape Design” services for over 10 years.  If you are a homeowner or business owner in Richmond Hill and are looking into landscape design, you will want to work with an experienced and reputable company.  Repurposing lifeless, uninspiring spaces and walkways into elegant interlocked and landscaped areas will add that finishing touch to your exterior is what we do.  Our years of experience in interlocking and landscape design products and services provides us extensive knowledge in quality selection.

At Pro-Loc Interlocking & Landscape Design we take great pride in both the quality of our work and the aesthetic beauty of our completed projects. There is nothing that pleases us more than seeing our clients’ eyes light up after looking at their finished and improved landscape. Allow Pro-Loc Interlocking & Landscape Design to exceed your design expectations.

At Pro-Loc we only use premium quality wood, stone, and other landscaping materials for all of our services, including our landscape design services. Our expertise allows us to know that using higher quality materials adds to the longevity and quality of our work. Many interlocking and design companies try to cut costs by using shoddy materials bought from the cheapest available vendor. However this results in finished work that is both ugly and unable to stand the test of time.

Have a question or inquiry regarding our Richmond Hill landscape design services?  Simply give our team a call today and learn more regarding what we can do for you.  We are always happy to answer question relating to interlocking and landscape design.

Our 24 month guarantee assures that any repairs required in the first two years are fulfilled by Pro-Loc Interlocking & Landscape Design Ltd., quickly and at no additional cost to you.